NLP Anchoring, Enjoying The Secret Of Poise

By Trevor Johnson

When you think of an anchor, chances are, a mental image of a boat comes to mind. What is the anchor of a boat used for? It is used to keep the boat in one place, right? Well, NLP Anchoring is basically the same. It is a method used to keep us in the right frame of mind. We condition ourselves to respond a certain way to certain situations.

Throughout are lives we are constantly being conditioned whether we realize it or not. For instance, maybe as a small child, a relative would lock you in a dark closet just to bully you around a bit. As a result, you might be claustrophobic or afraid of the dark. These feelings are a negative result of the incident. In order to overcome the phobia, you have to retrain your brain with positive thoughts and feelings.

Sitting in a doctor's office with the door closed you start to experience the negative feelings. Try to think of times in your life that you were happy or calm. Things that gave you pleasure. Maintain that memory and those feelings. If you can do this, the negative feelings will start to disappear. If you repeat this exercise every time you start to feel claustrophobic eventually, the claustrophobia will disappear because you have reconditioned your reaction.

While experiencing the situation that makes you uncomfortable, think of NLP Anchoring; focus on a memory that gives you positive feelings. Keep focusing on that memory until the undesired feelings subside. Perform this exercise repeatedly until your mind automatically associates the positive feelings with the event.

Another exercise in the NLP Anchoring process is to associate touch with a positive feeling. Maybe there is a certain gesture or even a certain spot on your body, finger, hair or hand, which you can learn to connect positive feelings to. Then, when you start feeling the negative feelings, you can touch that area to help you bring about positive feelings.

NLP Anchoring can also be associated with a person. If you have someone that you really love to spend time with, think of them when negative situations arise. We all have the situations in life that even just the thought of them makes us cringe. The above mentioned NLP Anchoring will help to make the situations more bearable if you practice. - 31985

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Make My Own Subliminals Effectively

By Trevor Johnson

Subliminal messages are the messages that the are encoded so that their hidden messages are enclosed in various media and are totally not recognizable to the conscious mind of the listener or viewer. This is the main definition of the subliminal messages. They can be hidden in audios, pictures or even if plain sight Here we shall see how to make my own subliminals.

There are a few messages that cannot be understood or decoded by your inner or sub conscious mind. These messages are generally enclosed by various media and hence are unrecognisable. In the case of audios, you'd need to remove the main "covering" track before you heard the subliminally recorded message This is a simple definition. After reading the next few pares you wins ask yourself about making my own subliminals.

People can embed the message in music, computer, camera, or TV programmes. The message is in text format or voice recorded. The software will automatically create subliminal messages in the desired format. This is a way to create subliminal messages.

The software is generally used as a free trial before it is sold. It is available online and can be purchased any time. The points to be noted are the effective usage of first person pronouns like I, Me, Myself etc. They are an absolute necessity.

The present tense must be used. The tense for example must be as will, can, shall etc. The positive messages are the ones that are preferred. Making oneself unhappy using this medium is really a foolish idea. It's very important to note that the use of subliminal messages on others is taboo. Advertising through this medium is termed illegal. This is due to violation of the right of privacy.

Subliminal messages play a major role in generating positive messages within us. Generating sub luminal message with tense like we, will have more power and preferred by most of the person. Advertising regarding producing of sub luminal messages are punishable under law and illegal too. These messages are very powerful means to manipulate people and their thinking. So any misuse of this method is severely punishable under federal law. - 31985

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Covert Hypnosis Power--Persuasion And Influence

By Dr. Anthony Taylor

Empower yourself with the most cutting edge communication models known to the hypnotic mind control community for years by learning how to use social strategy to get the things that you want in life.

Life is not fair, so you must make it fair by arming yourself with th necessary knowledge to overcome each and every obstacle that you encounter. What this means is that you can use hypnosis mind control to completely nullify the resistance of other people.

It cannot be denied that what you know determines how far you can go. So, by learning the principles of covert hypnosis, you simply will not be stopped in your quest to live a healthier and happier life. Covert hypnosis is literally the knowledge required to attain the heights of power and greatness.

By increasing your social status, you will also increase your opportunities. Many more people will be happy to open the gates of success for you. This means that you will have the opportunity to get better jobs, to get raises, and to get more respect from everyone everywhere you go.

Covert hypnosis is not related to clinical hypnosis. Clinical hypnosis strategies consist of language patterns that do not work outside of clinical settings, but mind control hypnosis uses social strategies and hypnotic power moves . For this reason hypnosis mind control is as shocking and as stunning as it is, because it has the supreme force to change your life in spite of what anyone else does to oppose you.

Covert hypnosis is just like anything else, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it! By investing in the art of power persuasion, you will be able to profit from it. It's this easy, but you need to remember that power persuasion is not just something you learn, it is also an art that you must put into apply on a daily basis to profit from. Practice, practice, practice! This is the covert path to mastering the arts of persuasion and influence. Hypnotic mind control cannot be denied. Politics and advertising are primate examples of the power of covert persuasion to influence the hearts and minds of other people. - 31985

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Hypnosis Techniques--Combining Power Loops With Suggestion

By Dr. Anthony Taylor

Can you remember a time when you told someone something but they forgot what you explained to them? Sometimes you tell a person the same thing again and again, and it seems like they never once heard what you said. This is a break down in our communication that happens more frequently than you may be aware of. It is for this reason that hypnosis trainers have always taught the necessity of including repetition with your communication tactics.

Hypnotists are also well aware that people are not likely to absorb a suggestion unless the suggestion is continual. This is why many hypnosis methods are built-in with repetition. The hypnotist repeats the same suggestions in different ways in order for the suggestions to take root.

In fact, not only do you have the option of repeating the hypnosis strategies that you are using, most hypnosis strategies NEED to be repeated in order for them to be effective. Hypnosis techniques are delivered through the vehicle of suggestion. However, in order for hypnotic suggestions to take root, they need to be repeated enough times so that they will effectively take root in the person's unconscious mind whom you are influencing.

The technique used in hypnosis for repeating suggestions is called Power Loops. You use Power Loops to continue looping around hypnotic suggestions in order to make your suggestions potent enough to take root in a person's unconscious mind. Each time you loop around a suggestion, you make the suggestion more powerful. Needless to say, the more Power Loops you use, the more power you are adding to your hypnosis strategies.

As a rule, most competent hypnotists utilize what is recognized as The Blackjack rule as a benchmark to determine how many Power Loops they should use to repeat their suggestions. The Blackjack rule states that a hypnotic suggestion should be repeated 21 times in order for the hypnosis procedure to take root in a person's unconscious mind to the point where the suggestion is able to grow and yield results. - 31985

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Is It True? Does NLP Cure Phobias?

By Trevor Johnson

A lot of people have phobias that they simply cannot forget about regardless of how hard they try, there are several things that people have tried in order to cure their fear of one thing or another, if you are inquisitive to find out does nlp cure phobias, the answer is yes it does. However, in order to understand how nlp can work for you, it is imperative to gain a strong understanding of what exactly NLP truly is.

NLP is an acronym that is used for the longer term of the word which is neuro-lingustic programming. It is seen as a general approach to model human behaviors by aiding in personal growth and assisting with basic communication.

NLP first began being used in the 1970s and it posses a set number of techniques which were taken directly from the behaviors of knowledgeable psychotherapists. The practice focuses in on three different areas of the human mind which include a humans language pattern, their thoughts and their perception on the world.

A lot of people tend to refer to NLP as a state of hypnosis, which in many regards is what it truly is. It channels in on all basic human emotions and makes them bigger than you would expect. Properly being able to define what NLP is can be rather difficult, since different hypnotherapists may use different techniques in order to assist their consumers.

NLP provides tools that hypnotherapists need in order to assist their clients with what they need in order to be able to live a happier, fuller and content life. After the procedure has been administered many people go on with their lives cured of their present phobias and ready to face anything.

If you have a phobia that seems to be inhibiting your life, trying NLP may be the best solution to your problem. It's a quick and easy way, without spending hours with a shrink. - 31985

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Covert Persuasion and The Top Three Persuasion Systems

By David Drake

It cannot be denied that there are numerous skill sets of covert persuasion being taught to the extent that many hypnosis techniques cannot be used in real life scenarios. Covert hypnosis generally falls into three systems of persuasion:

1) Social Strategy 2) Hypnotic Language 3) The Art of Seduction

Most of the information available only focuses upon one persuasion system. Or, what happens is you are taught only the principles of mind control hypnosis and expected to adapt the universal principles of covert hypnosis into whatever particular persuasion system you happen to be operating in. This reveals that most covert hypnosis programs do not give you the entire hypnosis training you need to get the things you want.

Social status and power involves getting the best jobs, raises at the work place, and the ability to make powerful alliances that will assist you in your efforts to become successful. Covert language patterns involves sleight of mouth and other conversational hypnosis techniques that you can use to persuade people through language. The art of seduction provides you with the skill set to communicate with the opposite sex in powerful ways that give you the ability to date whomever you want when you want.

All three of these areas of hypnosis are very imperative, but without doubt, social status and power are the most essential because by obtaining social status, everything else that you want will eventually fall into place. Nevertheless, it is good to study hypnosis mind control that covers as much territory of the art of persuasion as possible. The more you know, the further you can go. It cannot be denied that those who increase in knowledge will also increase in power.

However to learn mind control hypnosis secrets and to practice hypnosis mind control tactics are two entirely different things. If you truly apply what you are being taught, you will achieve the results you are looking for. Mind control hypnosis is like anything else in life: The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. - 31985

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What Harm Does Anger Cause To Your Body?

By Andy D Gallagher

Anger is a state of mind when a person loses its senses that lead to awful consequences. It is harmful in all cases. Ethically and medically, anger is bad. There has been increased awareness in people about anger management in recent times. No matter how hard you do exercise, and how good you eat, you cannot make up the damage you do to your body when you are angry.

There is an intense negative effect of anger on your body. Some of the physical signs that can be there when someone is angry include the grinding and clenching of teeth, muscle tension, flushing and sometimes there may also be ringing in the ears. During time of anger, the body reacts through shooting blood pressure. This can result in chest pains and also sweating and chills. In addition to this, there can also be severe headaches as well as migraines.

Some people who face the problems of chronic anger can also experience peptic ulcers, intestinal cramps, or indigestion and constipation during anger. Extreme effects of anger on the body include things like heart attack obesity and even kidney failure.

Medical research tells us that anger affects directly to heart muscles. Those people, who remain angry most of the time, are more likely to become victim of heart attacks because the weak muscles do not work well to pump blood. The angriest people always have cardiac problems, and high blood pressure.

Either the anger is hidden or open; both conditions are harmful for your health. Prolonged anger is more harmful as it slowly damages your body parts. Medical science tells that people who hide their anger are more likely to have skins problems. They may have eczema, rashes, or acne problems. The more you will be happy, your skin will glow, and the shine will be back.

Besides having the obvious consequences, concealed anger also has a psychological effect. When one suppresses anger, it may direct to despair, insomnia as well as nightmares. In adding up, it can also cause consumption disorders, and can cause obsession to drugs, or alcohol. In some cases, all these symptoms can show the way to self-destructive behaviour. These things can unfavourably influence the way people interrelate, and communicate to each other.

When one gets angry, there occurs the discharge of chemicals, and hormones in the body. These principally include adrenaline, and non-adrenaline. Due to this discharge, all the organs that use these chemicals and hormones are exaggerated. The adrenaline hormones have a consequence on organs that are associated to the sympathetic nervous system. This can arouse the heart, and dilate the coronary vessels, which in turn constricts the blood vessels as well as the intestines, and for this reason, may close off digestion.

The people, who face extreme anger problems in daily life, need to take positive steps to overcome their anger. Anger management therapy is good for such people. There can be many other ways; one can manage his/her anger. The anger state does not last forever; it is good to leave the scene, and take some time out to think positively. By killing your anger, you become more confident, and patient. Your tolerance level increases and you are in good position to do intelligent decisions. - 31985

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